Travel on the Side


Peoria, Illinois is like a second home to me. Here are a few pictures over the past year from being out and about in Peoria.

Driving down Washington Street in Peoria, Illinois, you’ll come across this tall fiberglass statue. Known locally as “Vanna Whitewall” (also Miss Uniroyal, or the Uniroyal Gal), it sits outside the Peoria Plaza Tire. Displaying a classic pageboy style haircut, she’s been greeting motorists since 1968, and was even hit by a car in 2005. Some say she’s modeled after Jackie Kennedy Onassis. In warmer months she sports a bikini. According to the… Read More

This is the former Peoria State Hospital, also known as Bartonville State Hospital, or the Illinois Asylum for the Incurable Insane. Located in Bartonville, Illinois, the main building (shown below) opened in 1902. The hospital closed in 1973. It’s reported to be haunted (of course).

Driving though rural Illinois, north of Peoria, when I stumbled across a wind farm. These have always fascinated me. Had to pull over and snap a few photos. This is the Camp Grove Wind Farm in Marshall County.

The leaves were in full Fall mode so I ventured over to the water tower in Peoria Heights, Illinois to take in the view.