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Oh Hawaii, so beautiful, yet so expensive. However, if you play the game right, you can use┬áplenty of cost-savings strategies. In one of my grad classes, we were required to give a “how to” presentation. After traveling to Hawaii last year, I decided to present on something fun: Hawaii on a budget. So can it be done? Yes, but with some planning. The goal for me was: Hawaii for $1,000 per person:… Read More

I thought the trip to Hawaii would never come! It was booked deep in the depths of a Wisconsin winter (what’s that like?). It was my little thing to look forward to…forget Spring, I was thinking of Hawaii! In January, I posted about redeeming my airline miles for this dream trip. Now it was actually happening: 3 days in Honolulu and 5 days in Maui. Flew from Milwaukee and connected in Atlanta… Read More

Honolulu was great, but then it was time for Maui. We got to Honolulu International Airport (by cab, around $40 with tip from Waikiki) and checked in for our Hawaiian Airlines interisland flight to Kahului Airport. Then we relaxed in the lovely airport garden. The flight is only 30 minutes, but the wonderful Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants still managed to serve juice during the flight. The highlight was flying right past Diamond… Read More

Pearl Harbor is an amazing site to see. We all learn about it in history books. We’ve seen it in documentaries. But to actually be there is quite different. The museum at the visitor center does an excellent job of not only explaining the day’s events, but tells people’s stories, and also explains historical background in Japan and the United States, as well as the aftermath. Unfortunately, a Navy boat struck the… Read More

Diamond Head is a must-do when in Honolulu! It’s on the other side of the Waikiki resort area. You can walk, but it’s a bit far. You can take a taxi, but that can get expensive. We opted for the public bus. It was convenient–we picked it near our hotel in Waikiki and were dropped off at a community college near Diamond Head. The cost is $5 round trip per person. From… Read More

Relaxed in Waikiki for three days after arriving in Hawaii. While it may not be a “quiet corner” of Hawaii, I enjoyed the beautiful stretch of beaches, watching the surfers, and visiting the upscale shops and restaurants. A few tips: Hotels: Do you really need an on-the-beach oceanfront view? If you’re like us and you usually just use your hotel room to sleep, you’re better off booking a room a couple blocks… Read More