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Our last day on Maui. We decided to do the summit at Haleakala. So here’s the deal: everyone says to do the Haleakala summit at sunrise. Yes, it’s beautiful. But you need to be out of bed by 3am! No thanks. I hear sunset is just as beautiful. However, since it was our last day, we just made a mid-morning trip. Driving south on the Haleakala Highway you can gradually see that… Read More

When in Maui, it’s the one thing everyone says to do. You need to do it. You must do it. It’s the Road to Hana. Tropical rainforests, beautiful plants and flowers, a black sand beach, lava caves, waterfalls, and more. Every mile there seems to be an attraction to pull over and see. It’s definitely a full-day experience. What is the Road to Hana? Hana Highway (Highway 36, which becomes Highway 360)… Read More