Travel on the Side


Oh Hawaii, so beautiful, yet so expensive. However, if you play the game right, you can use┬áplenty of cost-savings strategies. In one of my grad classes, we were required to give a “how to” presentation. After traveling to Hawaii last year, I decided to present on something fun: Hawaii on a budget. So can it be done? Yes, but with some planning. The goal for me was: Hawaii for $1,000 per person:… Read More

I thought the trip to Hawaii would never come! It was booked deep in the depths of a Wisconsin winter (what’s that like?). It was my little thing to look forward to…forget Spring, I was thinking of Hawaii! In January, I posted about redeeming my airline miles for this dream trip. Now it was actually happening: 3 days in Honolulu and 5 days in Maui. Flew from Milwaukee and connected in Atlanta… Read More

I’m not what you would call a frequent flyer–I take around 3 trips per year. However, in 2011, I decided to get in on the airline miles action with a Delta SkyMiles American Express card. Why Delta? Well..since I’m not exactly jetting across the globe every month, I liked that my miles wouldn’t expire with Delta–I could let them build up. Living in Wisconsin, I also liked that I had easy connections… Read More