Cleveland: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Earlier this month I was in Cleveland for a work conference. It was my first visit there. My in-laws had been there and had raved about the restaurant scene and, of course, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I only had a little bit of time to do sightseeing, so I put the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at the top of my list.

Early on a Saturday morning, I ubered over there. Melissa, the uber driver, upon hearing I was here on a solo work trip, insisted upon taking my pic when I got there. Thanks!

Photo Apr 07, 8 56 56 AM

Long Live Rock

After the obligatory pics in front of the “Long Live Rock” sign, I wandered down to the end of the pier to the park. There you’ll see a “Cleveland” sign with the city skyline nicely framed.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The museum itself is a fun experience. Lots of artifacts from artists past and present. Jim Hendrix’s guitar? Check. A handwritten Beatles song? Check. Taylor Swift’s dress? Check.

Photo Apr 07, 9 23 51 AM

The Rolling Stones

Even for someone like me who is not a huge music history buff, it was enjoyable. I easily spent a couple hours just wandering the exhibits. Music aficionados could easily spend half a day there.

Below are more photos from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For more Cleveland pics, check out my Flickr album.



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