Seattle Sunset: Right Place, Right Time

Whether at a work conference or on vacation, I always have my “good” camera with me. After finishing up a historical walking tour in Seattle, I hadn’t planned on taking any more pictures.

So I began to walk back to my downtown hotel. As I was heading up 1st Avenue I could see the sky looked pretty, but most of it was hidden behind tall buildings. It wasn’t until I got up to Pike Place Market that the view opened up and I saw how beautiful it was.


Pike Place Market sunset

I just stood there gawking and then remembered I had my camera! In fact, there was a hoard of people quietly snapping pics.

I heard one guy whisper:

These photos don’t do the sunset justice.

True, you just had to be there–but I’m glad I have the photos for posterity.


Pike Place Market sunset

These photos are all unedited—no photoshop. It made me think: Most things in life are not free, but the natural environment always is! Take time to appreciate it.

Half the time, good photography is just being in the right place at the right time.

Below are photos from Pike Place Market. For a full set of Seattle pics, check out my Flickr album.

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