Seattle: Pike Place Market

No trip to Seattle is complete with a walk-through of Pike Place Market. Every time I’ve been to Seattle, I do it. Generally, it’s during the height of tourist season. Back in June 2016, we felt like sardines shuffling through the throngs of people.

But in January on a Sunday morning? I felt like I had the place to myself.


Pike Place Market

Each morning before I began my work conference in Seattle, I would walk down from my hotel to the market.

In the fog…


Pike Place Market

And blue skies too…


Pike Place Market

As I was walking through, a woman told the fishmonger how she wanted to catch a fish! So she tried…and missed!


fish throwing

But the second time was a success!


fish throwing

Being from the Midwest, I enjoyed seeing (and eating!) all of the fresh seafood.


fresh seafood

Even though the market closes up in the evenings, it is worth a walk to see the neon sign all lit up. Yes, it’s touristy, but you can’t miss this classic Seattle experience.

Photo Jan 26, 9 07 29 PM (1)

Pike Place Market

Below are photos from Pike Place Market. For a full set of Seattle pics, check out my Flickr album.

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