Caribbean Cruise: Dominica

Some islands in the Caribbean are known for their beaches, while others are more famous for their rainforests and eco-adventures. Dominica is one of those islands: lush and verdant. A place to get off the beaten path.

First, let’s get to the pronunciation: I always thought you pronounced it similar to the Dominican Republic. The correct way to say Dominica is like doh-mee-NEE-cuh — more of a French pronunciation.

For this port of call, we booked the “Dominica’s Favorites” tour from Celebrity Cruises. Here’s the description:

Set against a backdrop of lush forestry and exotic wildlife, this sightseeing tour through Morne Trois Pitons National Park showcases the incredible beauty of Dominica’s rainforest. Begin your adventure at Morne Bruce for a spectacular panoramic view over Roseau. Then, escape to Trafalgar Falls to discover the twin cascades known as the “mother” and “father”. Continue to the Emerald Pool, a lush grotto replete with magnificent rock formations and exotic flora and fauna. Duration: 4.5 hrs. 

We docked at Roseau (pronouced liked rose-oh)–the island’s capital–where had a nice view of the city at breakfast.

photo dec 11, 4 37 56 am

Celebrity Summit, docked at Dominica

After exiting the port, we boarded our shuttle bus and made our way through the streets of Roseau and up to the scenic viewpoint of Morne Bruce where we could see the ship. Then it was on to the rainforest!


View of Roseau, Dominica

Up, up, up into the hills of Dominica we first visited the twin falls that is Trafalgar Falls. It’s about a 10-minute walk from the park’s parking lot. The views are outstanding. The whole area reminded us of our trip to Hawaii in 2015: lush forest, shades of green, and fresh air!

Plenty of time was given to tour the falls.

photo dec 11, 7 38 50 am

Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

photo dec 11, 7 39 01 am

Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

Then it was back on our shuttle bus. We stopped at a roadside stand for some ginger-spiced punch before arriving to Emerald Pool. It was another 10 minute walk or so to get to the site.




Emerald Pool, Dominica

Again ample time was given…you could even take a dip if you desired!

photo dec 11, 8 50 50 am

Emerald Pool, Dominica

The scenery is outstanding and it was good to learn about Dominica’s natural and cultural history. Then we were returned to Roseau where we did some souvenir shopping.

Walking back on to the Celebrity Summit there was a picture perfect shot of the ship!

photo dec 11, 10 12 57 am (1)

Celebrity Summit, docked at Dominica

Below are more pics from Dominica. Check out my Flickr album for the full set from our Caribbean cruise.


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