Caribbean Cruise: St. Croix

On our winter 2017 cruise we stopped in St. Thomas. Now on our 2018 winter cruise, we got to add another one of the U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Croix.

The ship docked at Frederiksted. After breakfast onboard, we exited the ship and made our way to our pre-booked tour, the “Panoramic Drive.” It was booked directly through the cruise line for sake of convenience. Heres the description:

Explore St. Croix’s historic, cultural, and natural sites on this exciting driving tour of the island. Marvel at St. Croix’s tropical beauty and captivating views as you make your way along the island. Learn about the cultural traditions of the islanders before arriving to the historical town of Christiansted. Browse the shops or enjoy a stroll over to the famous Fort Christiansted before departing to port. Duration: 3.5 hrs.

The tour was aboard a small shuttle bus. At no time did the tour feel crowded or rushed. We drove through the island, learned about the history and culture, and made a few stops along the way for pictures.


St. Croix USVI


St. Croix USVI

The tour stopped in Christiansted where we had an hour to putter about. Because it was Sunday, almost everything was CLOSED. So if you have St. Croix as a Sunday port stop, I suggest booking a tour or making it a beach day. Otherwise there will be lots of closed shops.


Christiansted, St. Croix USVI

The tour dropped us off back at the port in Frederiksted where we walked down the beach by the pier and picked up a few souvenirs from a couple of the shops that were open. Also saw some cool stilt walkers!


Stilt walker

After coming from cold Wisconsin, the warm temps, blue skies, and greenery of St. Croix was much appreciated!

Below are a few pics from St. Croix. Check out my Flickr album for more.

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