Florence…in limbo

No, I’m not saying that Florence is in a intermediate state. This past June, Limbo was the area where we resided–Piazza del Limbo to be more specific.

What I love about Florence is the history. And yes, there is a story about limbo. The piazza is built over an old cemetery where Florence’s unbaptized babies were buried during medieval times – hence, Piazza del Limbo. The square also features one of Florence’s oldest churches – Santi Apostoli.

Photo Jun 10, 3 44 30 AM

Piazza del Limbo

We stayed directly across from the square in an apartment building titled Bagni Nelle Antiche Terme, or Baths of the Ancient Spa. The area had been home to the city’s baths. The Florentine has a great overview of the neighborhood and its history.


Bagni Nelle Antiche Terme

Along the street, Borgo Santissimi Apostoli, there are a couple of good restaurants. I recommend Le Antiche Carrozze – great for an aperitivo or pizza. Nearby there is also a nice hotel, Hotel Berchielli.

Not too far away was my “favorite” intersection: Puragtory and Limbo – you could be there for eternity, haha! It also features one of Clet’s work of street art.

Photo Jun 09, 9 20 51 AM

The corner of purgatory & limbo

But the must do is a stop-in at the teeny tiny bottega and gift shop – La Bottega del Chianti. Only about four people at a time can squeeze into the shop! If you can’t find something there that you like, then it doesn’t exist. Half their inventory is painstakingly placed on the outside wall every morning! Lots of wine, oil, cheese, and more. Check out the Tripadvisor posting.

Photo Jun 29, 6 05 43 AM

La Bottega Del Chianti

Our apartment had no a/c in June, so open windows it was! You could hear the clippity-clop of the horse-drawn carriages going down the street. Every afternoon I was treated to the sounds of an opera singer practicing her music. At night, we would walk down to watch the street performers at Piazza di Santa Trinita. Centrally located, our apartment was a quick three minute walk to the Ponte Vecchio. Location was A+.

For more Italy pics, check out my Flickr album.


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