Caribbean Cruise: Everglades Ecotour

I’ll blog more about the cruise itself in my next post. After Saint Kitts, it was two sea days before arriving back into Miami.

Our flight was out of Fort Lauderdale, but wasn’t until 5:15pm, so we booked an Everglades excursion and airport drop off through Celebrity Cruises. It was $79 per person (at time of writing). Neither of us had been to the Everglades before, so we thought “why not?”

After collecting our luggage, it was a short walk out to the shuttle bus. The bus would store our luggage while we got to enjoy the Everglades. The ride from Port Miami out to Gator Park took around 35 minutes. Traffic was not particularly heavy. We appreciated the narration by the tour guide, particularly with the environmental concerns/development associated with the Everglades.

Photo Dec 16, 9 03 04 AM

Gator Park, Everglades

At Gator Park, we were promptly given our tickets for an airboat ride. Who doesn’t like a fast ride through alligator and snake infested waters? Just kidding…it was fun! The airboat operator shared trivia about the flora and fauna. The water levels were high due to the hurricane. The area of the Everglades we were in is actually considered a slow moving river. We spotted three alligators. The airboat tour didn’t last as long or go as far as I thought it would…but it did the job.

Photo Dec 16, 8 38 33 AM


After the airboat tour, there was an animal show. We learned about the differences between the American Alligator and the American Crocodile and the threat of invasive species in the Everglades like pythons (which people have released as unwanted “pets”) and now even anacondas.

Photo Dec 16, 9 07 51 AM

Gator Park, Everglades

Following the animal show, we had a bit of time to walk around the park and buy some food and souvenirs. Alligator tastes like salty chicken, by the way.

The ride back to Fort Lauderdale airport was uneventful. We checked in and waited for our flight and got back to Wisconsin around 9pm. I’m still gathering thoughts on the whole cruise experience. I’ll be sure to post some concluding thoughts here.

Here are some pics from our Everglades ecotour:

For more photos, check out my Flickr album.

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