Wisconsin’s House on the Rock

Bizarre. That’s the only word to describe Wisconsin’s House on the Rock, near Spring Green–about an hour east of Madison. And I mean bizarre in a good way! It’s organized hoarding–part museum, part house, and odds-and-ends you might find at your grandparents.

Began in 1959, and possibly owing to a dispute between its founder Alex Jordan, Jr. and famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright (the Wikipedia page is interesting!), House on the Rock does actually sit on a rock.

The house is a bit dark, cramped, and filled with antiques, Tiffany-style lamps, and vintage furniture and appliances. Parts of it reminded me of a cabin in the woods. The house is built around the natural stone.

Particularly striking is the Infinity Room which overlooks the valley.

File Nov 20, 7 57 35 PM

House on the Rock, infinity room

The rest of the House on the Rock is more of a museum of “things”: dolls, calliopes, cars, ships, and a whale! The highlight is a large carousel:

File Nov 20, 8 01 25 PM

House on the Rock carousel

It’s a fun side trip from Madison or Milwaukee. Make sure and purchase the full experience to get the most out of the trip. Set aside at least three hours. Then consider wandering into Spring Green or touring Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin.

Here are some pics from House on the Rock:

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