Montreal: Food Tour of Old Montreal

One of the best ways to acquaint yourself with a city is to eat local food! On our second day in Montreal, we signed up for a food tour of Old Montreal (Vieux-Montreal) from Local Montreal Tours.

We met the tour guide and our merry group of 12 at Crew Collective and Cafe. It used to be the headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada. The bank moved out. Now it’s been taken over as a cafe and co-working space. They even left the bank teller windows intact! From there we embarked on a 3 hour, 1.5 mile walk of Old Montreal.

Had a great time! We found it funny that most of the participants lived in the Montreal region. Some said they rarely get to Montreal’s city center, so they thought this was a good opportunity!

Stops included:

After the tour, bellies full, we walked around more of Old Montreal that we missed. Wonderful experience!

Here are some pics from food tour:

For more photos, check out my Montreal Flickr album.

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