Pisa: Italian for Tourist Trap

OK, maybe the title of this post is a bit over the top, but it fully encapsulates my view on Pisa.

I had a free afternoon in Florence, so I decided to take the 50 minute train ride over to Pisa to explore. Hopping off the train at Pisa Centrale, I followed the tourist markers to the torre.


Leaning Tower of Pisa and Pisa Cathedral

And there they were, loads of tourists trying to get that classic holding-up-the-leaning-tower pose. The place was packed. Perhaps a cruise ship had docked at Livorno?

I walked around the Leaning Tower of Pisa – which is the campanile – the bell tower for Pisa Cathedral, and Piazza dei Miracoli. Having had my fill, I bought a souvenir magnet, walked back to the train station, and took the next train back to Florence.

Maybe in my mind Pisa was made to be something more than it was? I checked it off my list, but don’t consider it a must-do. I would recommend spending more time in Florence or Cinque Terre instead.


Pisa street scene

Here are a few pics from Pisa:


For more Italy pics, check out my Flickr album.

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