Wine Tasting in Chianti Country

You can’t go to Italy without sampling some wine, right?

On our second day trip from Florence, we boarded a tour bus to escort us to up to the hills of Chianti country. Our destination: Castello del Trebbio, about a 40 minute drive from Florence.


Castello del Trebbio

Here we toured a beautiful old castle – home to the wealthy Pazzi family during Renaissance Florence times. The Pazzi family were rivals to the well-known Medici family and hatched a plot with the Pope to assassinate them. The Medicis were tipped off…and things did not go so well for the Pazzi family!


Castello del Trebbio

Today, Castello del Trebbio is a successful vineyard, winery, and farm.

We toured the cellars and had a beautiful lunch and wine tasting, sampling three wines:

  • Lastricato Chianti Rufina
  • Chianti Superiore
  • Vin Santo, a dessert wine

Castello del Trebbio also makes its own olive oil too. I easily shipped back 4 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of olive oil..all arrived safe and sound!


Castello del Trebbio

After 90 Fahrenheit days in the hustle and bustle of Florence, it was nice to escape for a bit to a calmer and cooler place, learn about winemaking, and Tuscan history.

If you’re going to be based in Florence for a few days, consider a wine tasting day trip. Castello del Trebbio is hard to beat for a relaxing, scenic, and informative experience.


Castello del Trebbio

Here are some pics from Castello del Trebbio:

For more Italy pics, check out my Flickr album.

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