Fort Wayne, Indiana: Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Back in Indiana over the holidays visiting my mom. I grew up in the Fort Wayne area, but had never been to the local art museum. I decided to rectify that and visit the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

Located downtown, the FWMoA features several nice galleries. When I visited, they were showcasing two exhibitions that I really found interesting.

The first was by Oakland-based artist Brett Amory entitled “Fort Wayne, American Monologue.” Growing up in the midwest, I’m always attuned to people that make simplistic assumptions about the midwest (aka “flyover country”), so I was interested in seeing this artist’s perspective. The story told about Fort Wayne was realistic: its successes and failures, the good and bad, the past and future. I appreciated this multi-dimensional perspective.

My favorite piece was a worked titled “Internet Archive.” As a librarian, I noticed the information and literary component to the piece. I also spotted the old library catalog cards decorating the frame.

Brett Amory, FWMoA

Brett Amory, FWMoA

The second exhibit was by artist and printmaker Robert Kipniss. His works featured many tree scenes in dark greens, grays, and almost black. A quote from the artist struck me:

No matter what you do some people will like it, some people will hate it, and most people won’t care. Do the work you believe in, the work you have to do, and let that be enough.

Robert Kipniss, FWMoA

Robert Kipniss, FWMoA

I also enjoyed a third gallery: various pieces acquired by the museum in 2016.



Because the museum is small, they rotate artwork for display. So I’ll definitely be stopping in the next time I’m in Fort Wayne. You’ll see something new!


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