Orlando: Disney World’s Epcot

After our day at the Magic Kingdom, it was time to explore Epcot. Same plan: breakfast at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and then hop on a shuttle to spend the day at Epcot.

I loved Epcot as a kid. Visiting the world showcase made me want to travel and explore these places in person.

It was Sunday and not too crowded. After entering the park, we decided to line up and wait at Spaceship Earth–not too bad, only about 20 minutes. The ride was pretty much as I remembered, but with the voice of Judi Dench in place of Walter Cronkite (circa 1992!).

Then we explored more of Future World, including the Test Track which reminded me of the Radiator Springs ride at Disney’s California Adventure.

After that, it was off to tackle the World Showcase. We started at Mexico and worked our way around. In Mexico, we sampled some churros and a margarita. We also did the boat ride inside – the Gran Fiesta Tour. I also purchased a Dia de los Muertos skull.

Mexico, Epcot

Mexico, Epcot

Then in Norway, I picked up some Frozen plush toys for a co-worker’s kid and then in China, we had a quick counter service lunch at the Lotus Blossom Cafe. It’s reminiscent of a Panda Express, but since we were splurging for dinner, we decided to go cheap for lunch (at least Disney “cheap”).

Next it was Germany, and then Italy where we treated ourselves to some gelato. We bypassed the United States pavilion for the most part — we can have hot dogs and hamburgers anytime!

Italy, Epcot

Italy, Epcot

The Japan pavilion was interesting and I was surprised by the large Mitsukoshi department store…definitely some good buys there! Morocco was up next and I think its architecture is my favorite. I love the little alleyways inside.

Morocco, Epcot

Morocco, Epcot

We had a quick look at France–we would be coming back here for dinner, and then exited the park at the International Gateway to meet some friends that live in the area for some drinks along the Boardwalk.

After returning to the park, we continued with the World Showcase and started back at the United Kingdom, followed by Canada. Then it was time to return to France.

I had made a reservation for Monsieur Paul and we were not disappointed! Service was excellent and the food was playful, creative, and delicious. I had the red snapper with “potato” scales. Wonderful…a truly gourmet meal!

Red snapper with potato "scales," Monsieur Paul, France, Epcot

Red snapper with potato “scales,” Monsieur Paul, France, Epcot

We loved chatting with the employees representing their countries, getting to browse the imported goods, and learning a little bit about each culture.

Below are a few photos, for the full set, check out my Flickr album.

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