Seattle: Seattle Public Library

Why did I visit a library on my vacation? Well, I am a librarian, of course!

If I see a library, I like to pop in and check it out. The Seattle Public Library Central Library is an architectural wonder. Soaring high, lots of glass, shiny escalators, natural light.

Are there books? Yes! But for me, a library is all about people. Lots of library patrons were on the computers researching, getting job help, reading, studying, and socializing.

One of the cool things I saw was near one of the circulation desks. Above was a monitor featuring a map of keywords of recently returned books.

Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library

Travel tip: When you’re on vacation, a visit to the local public library is a good way to get restaurant recommendations and tips for “non-touristy” sites. Librarians are there to help…and they know EVERYTHING!

Below are some more photos. For the full set, check out my Flickr album.

5 Comments on “Seattle: Seattle Public Library

  1. Did you love or run away from the red floor? I loved that they seem to anticipate tourists and have the audio tour that you can dial from your cell phone. I admit I still have the phone number, it works wherever you are and is a good tour even if I’m not standing in the area described.


      • I’d be honored if you check me out at my blog – I have a contact form, and I’ll respond with the phone number and item IDs. I’m assuming they wouldn’t appreciate if I shared the number here. I’m in Chicago, but I still listen to it – since you’ve been there, you’ll get a lot out of it even if you’re not standing in front of the items.


  2. Reblogged this on Information Science and commented:
    I love so much about this library too. From the music studios to the continuous stacks. And from the power outlets at each seated location to the light filled top floor, it’s so inviting and easy to “stay a while”. Plus, it’s Seattle so of course there’s a coffee shop on the first floor. There’s even an audio tour you can dial with your mobile phone. Contact me via the contact form and I’ll share it with you. It’s great even if you’re not inside the building.


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