Seattle: Harbor Cruise Tour & Great Wheel

Where’s all that Seattle rain? Weather has been all blue skies and sunshine…No complaints here!

We continued to use our Seattle CityPass. Up next was the harbor tour from Argosy Cruises. We made our way from Pike Place Market down a series of stairs to the waterfront and then a short walk to Pier 55.

Argosy Cruises, Seattle

Argosy Cruises, Seattle

The harbor tour lasts one hour and is narrated. It offers beautiful views of the Seattle skyline, Pier 91, Elliott Bay, Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, the Seattle sports arenas, and the industrial activities of the port of Seattle.

After the tour, we walked over to the Seattle Great Wheel for a ride. Sort of like a slow moving Ferris wheel, you get about three cycles around with a birds-eye view of the area. Fun!

Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel

Below are some more photos. For the full set, check out my Flickr album.

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