Seattle: EMP Museum & Chihuly Garden and Glass

After our Twin Peaks adventures, we returned our rental car to Sea-Tac airport and then hopped on Seattle’s light rail from the airport and took it downtown to Westlake. There we transferred to the Monorail.

Funny story: As we were waiting for the Monorail, a family walked up and asked “Is this the way?” I said, “I think so!” and they decided to follow us. Then we parted after getting off the Monorail. We started walking in the direction of our hotel only to find the family right behind us again. “We’re not following you, we swear!” they said. I replied, “No problem!” Then the mom asked, “By chance, you’re not staying at the Hampton Inn, are you?” We were…so they decided to follow along! The next morning, we ran into them again at the top of the Space Needle! The mom asked, “Are you on the Crown Princess on Saturday?” Sure enough, they were on our cruise ship too! I think the mom’s name was Lou Ann and the family was from Arizona…nice family!

Monorail & EMP Museum, Seattle

Monorail & EMP Museum, Seattle

Anyway…from the Monorail it was a short walk to our hotel. We stayed for two nights at the Hampton Inn & Suites–Downtown at  5th & Roy. Easy walk to the Space Needle. I’m not a rewards member, but somehow when we checked in we were automatically upgraded to a mini-suite. Sweet! The hotel was convenient and it included a continental breakfast (scrambled eggs, waffles, etc.) which helps save on the budget.

After getting situated at the hotel, it was time to do some sightseeing! Before traveling, we had purchased a Seattle CityPass for $74. The CityPass gets you into 5 attractions. For us, it was definitely worth it, but you’ll need to do the math to see if it fits your budget and time constraints.

So with our trusty CityPass, we walked to the EMP Museum. Cool place! Has lots of music exhibits–my favorites were Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix. There’s even a mock music studio and a performance area where you can “rock out.” The EMP also has large collections dedicated to pop culture and sci-fi too. The big draw when we were there was a large Star Trek exhibit, so check it out if you’re a “Trekkie”!

EMP Museum, Seattle

EMP Museum, Seattle

After the EMP Museum, we walked over to Chihuly Garden and Glass to use our CityPass. Amazing! The glass pieces by Dale Chihuly are outstanding, fun, and whimsical.

Chihuly Garden & Glass, Seattle

Chihuly Garden & Glass, Seattle

Then we decided to eat. Collections Cafe is attached to Chihuly Garden & Glass. Much like the museum, its food looks like pieces of art, too. We used a coupon in our CityPass booklet for a free dessert.

Collections Cafe, Chihuly Garden & Glass, Seattle

Collections Cafe, Chihuly Garden & Glass, Seattle

Below are some more photos. For the full set, check out my Flickr album.

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