Washington DC: Newseum

The Newseum in Washington DC – dedicated to exhibits on the news media (print and digital) and the First Amendment – has been one of my more favorite recent museum experiences.

Located on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol, visitors at street level can view the daily front pages of newspapers of each of the 50 states and several foreign countries. Being from Wisconsin, one day we saw the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and the next day it was the Green Bay Press-Gazette on display.

Admission (at time of writing) is $22.95 per adult, with a 10% discount if purchased online. Although it sounds steep when compared to all of the free Smithsonian museums in DC, it’s well worth it. You’ll spend several hours at the Newseum.

Interesting exhibits include pieces of the Berlin Wall and accompanying documentary footage of the events.

Berlin Wall, the Newseum

Berlin Wall, the Newseum

Most striking, was the 9/11 gallery featuring the front pages of newspapers about the attack and the twisted remains of the broadcast antenna that had sat atop one of the World Trade Center buildings.

9/11 exhibit, the Newseum

9/11 exhibit, the Newseum

Other galleries feature well known events such as Watergate, the Vietnam War, news of the Lincoln and JFK assassinations, press freedoms around the world, and how newspapers developed in the U.S.

Most fun was the interactive “be a TV news reporter” exhibit. Here, visitors can record themselves reading news story off of a teleprompter and then watch a playback of the video!

Practice being a TV news reporter, the Newseum

Practice being a TV news reporter, the Newseum

Check out pics from the Newseum below, or go to my Flickr album for more DC pics.

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