Reflections on Home

Visited my mom back in Indiana over the Christmas holiday. Indiana is where I’m from…but it ceased being “home” a long time ago.

I grew up in a small town. All everyone wants to do is escape it. Can’t blame them. Not a lot of good jobs. Not a lot of stuff to do. The “big city” was (and is) Fort Wayne and that’s where a lot of people end up.

In college, I anchored myself to the college towns where I went to school: Muncie and Bloomington. Even during summer, these places were my “home” – not my hometown.

After my dad passed away, my mom sold their house. It wasn’t my childhood home–they didn’t move into it until I was out of college. So no real sentimental attachment there.

My mom ended up moving near the “big city.” Going back to visit, I can finally start to see and appreciate some of the beauty that was there all along: a beautiful sunset on a rural pond, the naked trees in winter, the friendly horses at the next door neighbor, and most important–family & friends.

So although it’s not “home,” it’s still a nice place to visit.

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