Bryce Canyon National Park

After leaving Zion National Park, we headed down the beautiful Zion – Mount Carmel Highway for the 1hr. 30 min. drive to Bryce Canyon National Park.

In some ways, Bryce Canyon is the opposite of Zion. At Zion, you’re at the bottom looking up. At Bryce, you’re at the top looking down. It’s also at a higher elevation: some points are at 9,000 feet.

You get beautiful, sweeping views at Bryce and the chance to walk among the otherworldly hoodoos.

As far as the town of Bryce and lodging/eating options: you’re in for a disappointment if you’ve just come from Zion and Springdale. The “resort” we stayed at was a motel room with a sloping floor, worn carpet, and a smoke alarm that kept going off!

OK, enough about that…you’re here for the beauty of Bryce Canyon. We only had a full day here, so this is what we concentrated on:

  • Took the shuttle bus to see the main vista points: Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Sunset Point, and Sunrise Point (we walked between Sunset and Sunrise points).
  • Hiked the Queens Garden Loop starting from the rim at Sunrise Point and down into the canyon below until it joined the Navajo Loop trail, through Wall Street, and ending back up at the rim at Sunset Point (trail description). See map of the Bryce Canyon trail area. If you only have time to do one hike, this is the one!
  • After finishing the hike, we were hungry! Had a nice, leisurely lunch at the Bryce Canyon Lodge on the park grounds.
  • Got in our rental car and drove the park road to the southern end of the park. Although it was June, we felt like we had the road to ourselves. Stopped at many of the vista points: Natural Bridge, Agua Canyon, and Rainbow Point (elevation 9,115 feet).

Below are some photos from the trip to Bryce Canyon National Park. For more photos, check out my Flickr album.

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