New York City: Brooklyn Bridge & WTC Site

Yesterday we took the subway from our hotel on the Upper West Side to Brooklyn.

From there, we walked through the brownstones and rowhouses in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, stopping to take pictures along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, with views of Lower Manhattan and New York Harbor.

Next it was time to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge! Tip: Don’t walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn–you’ll miss all the great views. Start in Brooklyn and walk to Manhattan.

After getting a bit lost, we asked a construction worker who pointed us to the pedestrian stairway near Prospect and Cadman Plaza.

And then we were off! The pedestrian walkway sits above the roadway. You’ll get great views of the skyline from here. Keep in mind it can be quite busy and there are bikers and regular commuters on foot. If you’re stopping to take photos (like I was), remember to get out of the way.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Finishing the journey into Lower Manhattan, you’ll exit in to City Hall Park. At a leisurely stroll–and stopping repeatedly to take photos–it took us around 35-40 minutes.

From City Hall Park, we continued on foot to the 9/11 Memorial site. This was a strange experience. I’ll be honest: I was put off by the commercialization of a national tragedy. I get that a lot of the money goes to support good causes…but all the gift shops made it feel odd.

Also, it felt weird to see people smiling and goofing off at the memorial site. I expected a very somber experience (something like Arlington National Cemetery), but what I saw was a lot of smiling selfies at the memorial site.

9/11 Memorial, New York City

9/11 Memorial, New York City

It’s hard to put into words the 9/11 site itself. You see these big, vast holes where buildings should be, and I’m sure like most everyone, the images from that day are seared into our brain.

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