London, Day 5: Part 1, Windsor

It was one of my favorite days: a trip to Windsor Castle–a place I had never been on my earlier visit to London during college.

We left our hotel and took the tube to Paddington Station. From there we purchased tickets and boarded a First Great Western train, changed at Slough, and then arrived at Windsor & Eton Central station. The trip takes around 35 minutes. After exiting the station, you’re basically at the foot of Windsor Castle.

A short walk to the castle entrance, the line wasn’t bad, and we were in! Windsor Castle is reportedly Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite place to stay. There is a lot to see. Just when you think you’ve seen one room, there’s another. St. George’s Chapel is a highlight as are the castle grounds.

Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle, England

After touring the castle proper, make sure and head to Windsor Great Park on The Long Walk. You’ll get great views of the castle from there.

We toured around the town of Windsor, did some shopping, and had some traditional fish and chips at a pub called the Horse and Groom.

Fish and chips, Windsor, England

Fish and chips, Windsor, England

Amazingly, we had a bit of sun and blue sky in the afternoon for our trip back to London.

Below are some photos from Windsor. For the full set, check out my Flickr album.

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