Springtime in Door County, Wisconsin

Took a vacation day and ventured up to Door County before summer visitors take over. It was a late May Friday and I still felt like I had a lot of the county to myself.

First I drove to the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Pierhead Light. Some people think it’s off limits, but it’s not. Just pay attention to the signage and don’t walk on to the U.S. Coast Guard property.

After that it was to Whitefish Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park. There’s a spectacular “unofficial” trail (although the path is well worn) that connects the two locations. If you park at the (free) Cave Point County Park, you won’t have to pay admission into the Whitefish Dunes State Park. Shhh…keep it a secret! You’ll get beautiful views of the cliffs and Lake Michigan. Warning: pay attention to your footing! This is a cliffside trail and you don’t want to go tumbling on to the rocks and water below.

Next I drove to Baileys Harbor to see the Cana Island Light. The lighthouse was open so I got to go up to to the top! I finished the day with a visit to Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek and hiked the beautiful Eagle Trail.

A perfect late Spring day!

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